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E-book : Stalingrad - Stories from the Front.

Composed by myself as webmaster of www.stalingrad.net


Compilation of 20 great Stalingrad stories.

This book contains 98 pages (A4 sized!) English language

Click here for more details on the book.

Price (e-book) : 10 US Dollars - Item #: 006
Stalingrad - German map of the positions of the encircled German
XI. Armee Korps
on 10 January 1943 near Stalingrad. Colored map!

(scan of original) - original map is in my possession.

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Price : 25 US Dollars - Item #: 001

Stalingrad - German City Map - June 1942 (copy of original).

Size : 91 cm x 71 cm or 35,82 inches x 27,95 inches.

Only a small part of the map is shown.

The map is packed safe and well (tube).



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Price : 50 US Dollars (world wide shipment included) - Item #: 002