Headquarters of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad



The road to Stalingrad
The Stalingrad air-lift
The surrender of the 6th Army Staff at Stalingrad
The Stalingrad arm shield
Generalleutnant Heim; the stalingrad scapegoat
The German 6th Army, the Army Corps and Divisions
Operation Lion, the story of Gefreiter Niewig
Knight Cross winners at Stalingrad
The German order for the attack on Stalingrad
The long-range patrol to Astrachan
The spy of the German High Command
Prisoner of war ?
Operation Winter Storm; the attempt to relief 6th Army
War diary of the battle
Cherntsy Graveyard
Hitler's Directives
O.o.b. of Army Group South 22 June 1941
O.o.b. of the German Stalingrad General Officers
Trapped and destroyed units in the Stalingrad "pocket"
Aerial pictures of Stalingrad
Battle report of Kampfgruppe Simons (German and English)
Signal communications in the pocket of Stalingrad
The army chaplains of the German 6th Army

The 21 Ia Officers trapped in the Stalingrad pocket

  Members of the former AOK 6 meets in Wiesbaden 1969.
Fighting strength of the 21 encircled German divisions  
  Positions of the trapped 389. Infanterie Division 20 January 1943
Germans cross the Don near Stalingrad by Oberst Herbert Selle  
Encircled Armeearzt and Korpsärzte of the German 6th Army
Hitler forbids a breakout by Oberst Herbert Selle  
Operation Hubertus by Wolf Höpper
The German debacle of Stalingrad by Oberst Selle

Evaluation of the Situation of Sixth Army in the pocket on 25 nov

The Sixth Army on the Way to Catastrophe by Oberst Selle
Fate of the German General Officers trapped in the pocket
Encircled Armeearzt and Korpsärzte of the German 6th Army